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    About us

    What matters the most to you when you choose an interior design that transforms your home? Be it an inspirational creativity, focus on details, fine craftsmanship or scrupulous professionalism, you have found everything that you have been looking for.

    Global Prefab is an Australian based interior designing company that gives you advanced architecture building solutions. We have evolved an expertise in designing the high quality commercial and residential projects both in Australia and other parts of the world. We offer you a comprehensive design service to create beautifully made interiors for our valuable clients. We offer a highly personalized be spoke service and place a great importance and pledge to building strong relationship with our clients. Our processes are tailored to meet the needs of each of our client, while delivering full furniture design, complete interior architecture and a turn-key styling service starting from the concept and ending to completion. We take a detail driven approach to our projects with a luxurious and a significant elegant style. We take immense pride in building economical, efficient and a designed led architecture that will give your homes protection against earthquakes, Cyclones, Termites, in compliance with the Australian Construction System.

    Why Choose Prefab Construction?

    We create ingenious designs that are truly captivating

    We strive to make an environment that delivers on every level that is practical, aesthetic, experiential and commercial. We achieve this by incorporating intelligence in every design. We develop a personal vision for each project we undertake, without compromising on our standards for quality. We work simultaneously with our clients to turn their dreams into reality.  

    We are visionary

    We describe our vision as far ranging, ambitious, and frequently innovating. We are driven by clear style principles and still we are unconstrained by a “house style”. We always look afar the boundaries to unleash and discover limitless possibilities that lie ahead of us

    We create inspiring experiences

    Our spaces are known to be transformative.  The environments that we make are timeless and unique as we go beyond the trend, hitting all the right points. We are truly aware of the final essence of the project and this is what unleashes the authentic design story. The final result is one of a kind and an immersive experience which makes this a right platform for you

    We apply intelligence to design

    Our work incorporates various new insights and experiences which ranges from architectural principles to function, aesthetic and cultural sensibility. This approach of intelligence has an influence on every decision we take an every space we create

    We set the highest benchmarks

    We take immense pride in thinking deeper and going further. We do not compromise over materials, textures. Craftsmanship and finish and this is the reason why we set high standards for others. This shows in the results we achieve for our clients   

    We deliver creatively and commercially

    We understand the significance of the balance between the commercial needs and creative ambitions. We have an experience that cannot be matched and a profound grasp of creative agility and commercial needs which means that we give inspiring solutions to our clients with not compromises over the quality    

    We are collaborators

    Exciting things happen when we work together. There is a high level of collaboration on every project with our valuable clients so that we can arrive at tailored and distinct solutions.   It helps us to uplift every project beyond the greatest individual conception. We believe that this is the best way to bring their visions to life


    At Prefab Global, we understand and appreciate the role of designs that play in order to determine how a building should feel and look. A well-considered design can be very critical in delivering successful outcomes. We are aware of the importance of a good design and work with specialist design team members and architect   to make sure that the integrity of the deign building is maintained while also increasing the benefits of a pre-fabricated construction . We have competed a number of projects in Australia and we are able to consider a number of new and innovative materials in our designs that meet and surpass the expectations of our clients. Our range is designed to be exceptional but this doesn’t mean that you cannot give it a personal touch of your own.

    Residential Homes


    Hedi provides an ample living space for large families. It is a mixture of comfortable living along with being entertaining because of its open plan arrangement. This is a stunning family home structure which is designed for low cost maintenance and significant operational cost savings


    It is a mindfully designed home that adds true value to life.


    We all love Sundays don’t we? Our Sunday design is made by keeping the Japanese style carefully in mind. It promotes the isolation of living and sleeping areas which enables the efficient use of cooling and heating systems. It ensures outdoor and indoor living all year around.


    It demonstrates a light and clear lay out which reflects our philosophy of a smart design philosophy that is design big instead of building big.  It is designed to maximize natural air flow and solar grain which provides a relaxing comfort throughout the year. It provides generous space designed on a small foot print


    Orlo provides a vast abundance of natural light and a blend of comfort living and entertaining. This is a low maintenance family home and can enable passive solar principles and significant energy savings


    It is two module layout that makes the perfect orientation for solar grains through dining, kitchen and living areas. The sleeping and the living areas are separated from each other to provide to provide you the peace you require. There is an independent space for entrance that can give you a humble transition from the outside world to your home  


    Axel provides you a rich abundance of natural lightning along with a beautiful space to keep an eye on the kids making sure they are safe outside. There is an additional study room that gives you a relaxing atmosphere away from the living room. This home possesses the right orientation and gives a comfortable temperature through-out the year by capturing the passive solar grains  


    Marlo is an excellent place for social entertainment purpose. Its open area allows for a seamless connection with the nature and barbeque with family and friends. This format is highly suitable for the urban and rural sites and can take a number of advantages of the passive heating and cooling techniques.


    Piper is perfect for the family environment. It not just offers a feeling of both the worlds but also, a feeling of spaciousness and peace which is not hindered by the natural flow of day light    


    Lennon is a healthy ad an efficient living home. The connection of timber and framed views increases the connection with the outer world


    It is known to be a smart design that provides a robust and a simple home for a family  

    Carbon Activities

    It is a passive design strategy that cerate spaces in such a way that flows through every sense


    Global Prefab takes immense pride in using the personal approach to designing the homes. Our core values revolve around professionalism, trust and efficiency are the reflected in whatever we do. This is then translate for our clients into a detailed process

    Stage A- Consultation and enquiry.

    The initial consultation helps us to understand the scope and the design of the project that we undertake. This is followed by us with a project and proposal that details about your requirements and our recommendations with a timeline and the cost of project. We commence with the project once you agree to our terms  

    Stage B- Designing of your project

    Our team of designers will help to undertake a site survey, assuming that the plans are not so readily available. We deign a 2D scaled drawing of the existing plans of your property and the elevations, from which we will begin our initial project designed discussions. We will take into account your needs, lifestyle, along with the aesthetic requirements and design ambitions, a brief will be created by us that will be a reflection of what you desire and how this be achieved by us through working closely

    Stage C- Third party Approvals and Architecture

    After taking into account the structure of the site and the spatial configuration, the team of designers will draw up a proposal of a 2D scaled spatial layout along with the furniture plans that will be presented to the client for the initial consideration. The feasibility of the proposal will be investigated accordingly with the third party for instance the departments of the local authority planning  

    Stage D-Design

    The implementation of the design will be in the form of the concept deigns which will be made up of samples and drawings, mood boards for the furniture, equipment and fixtures. Once these in the final design final design

    Stage E- Preparation of the Tender

    The final designs are changed into a highly comprehensive drawings and specifications with the lightning and electrical layouts. These are prepared with the distribution of the tender which is given to our panel of contractors    

    Stage F- Management of the tender

    When the tenders are obtained from the management that is when we begin with our tender analysis process. This involves liaising with our contractors to address the proposal that have been returned to us. These are combined with the costs associated with the third party and tenders. We develop a complete cost projection which will be discussed with you, allowing you to agree to the most appropriate contractor
    Stage G: Preparation of construction  

    Once a contractor has been appointed by you, you will be advised on the next stage of construction, the contractor will be helped in mobilization we will set our project coordination and communication channels in pace  

    Stage H-Regular site visits

    Regular site visits will be conducted by us throughout the construction. This will help us to manage the implementation of the design and give updates to all the parties to track the progress along with the monthly financial updates. Any order that does not lie in the contactors ‘remits will also be dealt with at Global Prefab. Upon reaching the commencement of the project, we will visit the site and put forth a schedule of defects which will be handed over to the main contractor to fix before the final completion.

    STAGE I- After care service

    Our after care service provides a post practical support completion with frequent communication to make sure that there is a smooth period of adjustment. We would also like to ensure that our clients are completely content with their new home. We pay a visit to the property six weeks after the completion   so that we can take note of any issue fault or defect, which we will try to get resolve as soon as possible

    Modular (1000)

    Why build a Concrete Home?

    1. built faster

    2. built better

    3. Much stronger

    4. Most  less carbon

    5. Great Energy

    Faster to build

    Homes are locked up in 7 days and finished in 8 weeks including landscaping. Yes it can be done. Using this proven system over 50 homes have been completed in this timeframe throughout New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. And it can be repeated again and again.

    Guaranteed building schedules reduce stress.

    As Concrete Homes have the roof installed on the fourth day of construction the weather can no longer cause delays. Work will always continue regardless of what is going on outside. Guaranteed building schedules provide peace of mind for builders and home owners when planning when to move into a new home.

    Better Thermal Insulation

    Precast Concrete Homes have a 6 star NatHERS rating while brick veneer only received a rating of 5.4. This makes Precast Concrete Homes cheaper to heat in winter and cool in summer. Of course this also makes our homes more comfortable to live in as well. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

    Better Acoustic Insulation

    The acoustic properties of concrete make our homes 20% quieter than brick veneer, creating a quieter environment to live in. This is perfect for building near busy roads or in crowded developments where homes are close together. Add to this the inherent fire rating of concrete panels and you have the best choice for duplexes or other developments with shared walls.

    Structurally Superior

    Precast Concrete Homes are extremely strong as the reinforced concrete wall panels dry at 60MPa. This forms a high-strength structure that is resistant to floods, earthquakes and ground movement. It also develops a 100% waterproof membrane so there is no chance of rising damp. Being solid concrete they are also resistant to attack by termites making them the perfect choice for building where white ants are a problem.

    The Best Possible Bushfire Resistance

    Precast concrete homes are the safest homes to build in bushfire prone areas. They exceed the

    Australian Bushfire Standard (AS3959) for the highest “Flame Zone” category for councils in high-risk bushfire zones. No other product can achieve this without added treatments at a much higher cost. You can also add features such as roller blinds and sprinkler systems to create the most bushfire resistant home possible.

    Freedom to build what you want.

    With Precast Concrete Homes your have the ultimate flexibility. We can work with your project home builder or custom builder to complete your new home. Either way you end up with the best quality home in the shortest possible time frame.

    The legal bits are already done

    All Precast Concrete Homes are engineer designed & approved. They also meet all BCA, ABS, BASIX & Council requirements.

    Reduced energy use.

    To start with they require significantly less energy to heat in winter and cool in summer. When compared to brick veneer this can be as much as 50% less energy. Less energy used equals less coal being burned and less CO2 being released into the atmosphere. A win for you and the environment.

    Less waste

    Precast Concrete Homes create less waste during construction. As completed walls are transported to the building site there are no leftover bricks or other materials that will need to be removed. Precise measurements of walls allows for the manufacturing plant to create less waste.

    Durability means longer lifespan.

    Every building has a carbon debt to repay. The longer a building is used, the more time it has to repay this carbon debt. Precast Concrete Homes’ superior strength and durability gives it the longest useful lifespan over which it can repay this debt. They have the potential to be relocated and reused or even recycled into aggregate for new concrete or road base.

    Less transport creates less CO2

    As Precast Concrete Homes are built in such short times there are less trips by workers to the site. Shorter times equals less CO2 produced by workers travelling to the site.

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