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    Frequently asked questions

    To build your own house with owner-builder license is very simple and money saving way to build your own house.

    1,  Ask a surveyor to do you a survey plan.

    2, You can upload your survey plan to to find an architect to design your house or an architect from another source, to design for you

    3, upload the DA plan for a quotation

    4, We will set up a progress to complete your project after you accepted our quotation

    we accept

    We accept credit card for deposit

    We temporarily accept bank transfer payment for contract payments

    We also conditionally accept bitcoin payment for contract payments

    We provide domestic point to point delivery to the customer job site when it's local. and provide sea freight FOB when it's ordered from overseas.

    We normally take 30 days to finish an order about 100-300sqm of project. and the shipping maybe up to 45days to arrive in your city if for overseas.

    for domestic delivery, it's may take about a few days  

    The warranty policy you may need to click this link to read. click here

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    The great architecture design will make your property much higher market value.

    How to build?

    Global Prefab is a perfect custom building system that can change the construction for more information please check out the link
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